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2935 E. 96th Street, Suite 100, Indianapolis, IN 46240
4.7 / 5
based upon 164 reviews.
4 / 5 Yelp 4 Stars
based upon 18 reviews.
4.8 / 5
based upon 579 reviews.
4.9 / 5
based upon 42 reviews.
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Posted On: 04/11/2016 The receptionists, my hygienist, and Dr. Craig Ball were very friendly and professional. Each step of the way during my recent cleaning, my hygienist made sure I was comfortable and told me about each procedure to keep me at ease. This was only my second time seeing Dr. Craig; he was very friendly and most professional. Dr. Craig answered questions about my concerns. Overall, I was very pleased with my experience at Ball Dentistry. Robbie S website Logo Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 04/11/2016 Always professional and does a fantastic job!! Michelle S website Logo Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 04/11/2016 My problems was fixed by a very good staff Renee W website Logo Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 04/08/2016 Great Shannon B website Logo Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 04/06/2016 I have always received wonderful service at Ball Dentistry. Maude is wonderful up front and the staff in the back is just as great. I apologize that I don't remember who cleaned my teeth today but she did a great job. She kept chipping away to get that tarter off-thank you!

My only complaint with this dentist office and the reason I would not recommend them to a friend is that it is so hard to get an appointment. It is always at least 6-8months to get in for a cleaning. I called at the beginning of the year and the soonest I could get in was August. Only reason I got in today was because I was on the cancellation list. I wish I could say I was organized enough to always have two appointments scheduled for the whole family at all times but that is just not how I operate. I understand you need to keep your books full but sometimes things come up and people need to cancel. I also saw a sign in the lobby saying you are accepting new patients. I didn't like seeing that just because I know how hard it is to get in for a cleaning. I have a feeling it might just keep on getting only worse. BUT - I truly appreciate the whole staff at Ball Dentistry so thank you!
Christine S website Logo Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 04/05/2016 Crown prep. Painless! Kathy W website Logo Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 04/04/2016 I always have had a positive experience at Ball Dentistry from the receptionist to the dental assistants to Dr. Craig Ball himself. They squeezed me in today but there is rarely a wait time. It is a great dentistry and would recommend to anyone. Laura T website Logo Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 04/04/2016 A very comforting feeling for having 2 teeth pulled. Very affordable. Thanks. Joe W. W website Logo Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 01/01/2015
Patient Review From Health Grades Health Grades Review
Posted On: 12/11/2013 I have been a patient at Ball Dentistry for about two years. I actually see Lalaine Smith DDS and she is wonderful. My past experiences with other dentists have not been good (unnecessary fillings, crowns, even periodontal work) . Needless to say I have a lot of anxiety even just for a regular cleaning. Ball Dentistry makes me feel relaxed and at ease during every visit. The dental hygienist takes her time and does her job right. I leave my appointments with clean teeth and smile on my face! If you are looking for a dentist on the Northeast side, I would highly recommend Ball Dentistry! Adrienne G
Posted On: 11/11/2013 Very good experience overall-did have to wait almost 15 minutes after scheduled appointment time..that ususally does not happen..did not give reason as to wait
Doctorbase Review
Posted On: 03/13/2013 I was really scared at first because of my past dentist experience. But Dr. Ball and his team ensured me everything will be fine and it was just that. I would refer all my friends and family to go see Dr. Ball.
Doctorbase Review
Bea W
Posted On: 03/13/2013 Nice work, nice people
Doctorbase Review
Evelyn B
Posted On: 01/30/2013 Always pleasant and Dr. Ball is always good to me. It's a shame he can't live forever!
Doctorbase Review
Posted On: 05/21/2012 Dr. Ball is understanding, respectful and treats his patients fairly. He walks me through step by step of what he is doing... Hygienists are always friendly and welcoming. They work to make you comfortable throughout your appointment.
Patient Review From Dr.Oggle Dr.Oggle Review
Posted On: 05/21/2012 Knowledgeable, friendly, kind. Cosmetic bonding of front teeth. VERY happy! Dr. Gary Ball came very highly recommended. About Hygienist: Excellent experience as well.
Patient Review From Dr.Oggle Dr.Oggle Review
Posted On: 04/08/2012 Non painful tooth extraction!!!!!!
Doctorbase Review
Tiffany R
Posted On: 08/01/2011 This is the 1st dentist my kids love to go to. No playground just nice people. I also enjoy the staff and my appointments. Jaybird
Posted On: 03/23/2007 By far the best I have ever been to. Gives painless dentistry
Patient Review From Dr.Oggle Dr.Oggle Review
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