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E4D Crown Milling - Single Appointment Dental Crown Restorations
E4D Crown Milling

Using the E4D Dental Technology System we can restore teeth with a ceramic/porcelain crown in one appointment. Our patients do not need to wear a temporary crown and then return for a second visit. E4D Dentist scans both soft tissue and tooth structure and creates a digital picture to build the crown.

The E4D milling system in our office takes just minutes to fabricate a high strength ceramic or composite crown restoration from the computerized crown design.

Polishing or staining and glazing provide the ultimate in finishing restorative and aesthetic care for your crown. We use the latest in technology and equipment to make your visits and dental care as quick and comfortable as possible.

E4D to the Rescue to Provide Same-Day Dentistry

Our patients benefit from single-visit restorations including crowns, inlays & onlays, white fillings and veneers using a very high-tech piece of dental equipment called E4D.

E4D represents a process where we digitally scan the area of your mouth where the dental restoration will be placed, designing a replacement restoration right there, and finally milling the final restoration during the same appointment.

Our patients don't have to walk around with bulky and uncomfortable temporary crowns and won't have to come back for a second appointment for the final fitment and placement of the dental restoration. If you are in need of a dental restoration, chances are E4D can provide it in just one visit. We invite you to call our dental office at 317.846.3463 or request an appointment online and let us answer that question right then and there!

Single Visit Restorations Via E4D

Porcelain Crowns E4D crowns are the preferred dental restoration for damaged teeth or after a root canal or dental implant placement. E4D crowns are color matched to blend in perfectly with surrounding teeth.

Inlays & Onlays
Dental Inlays & Onlays For when a filling might ruin tooth structure integrity, but a crown is unnecessary, E4D inlays or onlays are the perfect dental restoration to restore a tooth's functionality yet keep a natural appearance.

White Fillings
White Fillings High-strength fillings are color matched to the tooth the dental restoration is being placed in. E4D restorations retain a natural biting surface that is otherwise lost in some typical filling methods.

Porcelain Veneers E4D veneers are created to perfectly fit over a prepared tooth that was originally damaged or discolored. The final product is a fully functional, color-matched dental restoration ready for use.

Are E4D Restorations Expensive?
Piggy bank representing affordable same-day dentistry costs

E4D restorations are the quickest way today to receive a final dental restoration. Because of their "single-visit" nature, they are typically associated as a high-cost dental service. This is not always true and in many cases, a E4D restoration costs about the same as a traditional restoration.

In any case, a same-day dental restoration is easily affordable at Ball Dentistry.

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