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I Am Missing Teeth. Are Dental Implants Still an Option?

By: Craig Ball, D.M.D.


Gaps in your smile can seriously impact your confidence and quality of life. Thanks to advances in modern dentistry, there are ways to reestablish your dental health – even if you are missing a full set of teeth. Ball Dentistry offers dental implant treatment using biocompatible materials and state-of-the-art techniques. 

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Craig Ball to learn about dental implants and restorative dentistry in general. We can evaluate your smile and explain the benefits of undergoing full arch replacement in Indianapolis, IN. 

What causes someone to lose all of their teeth? 

There are many reasons why people experience tooth loss. Poor oral hygiene, gum disease, dental trauma, and genetics all play a role in our oral health. Certain medications and health issues like uncontrolled diabetes also contribute to the deterioration of your teeth. 

Some patients are concerned that dental implants are not an option without natural teeth. However, it is possible to restore your arches as long as you meet certain requirements. Ball Dentistry will ensure your candidacy before moving forward. 

What is involved in a dental implant consultation? 

A consultation begins with a thorough oral examination at our office. An experienced dentist like Dr. Ball takes detailed images of your mouth and evaluates the condition of your jawbone. 

It is important to confirm that your jawbone can support the implants because it needs to be strong and healthy enough to hold them in place. A bone graft may be recommended if there is not enough foundation to secure the posts. 

Once we understand your situation, Dr. Ball can explain your options for full arch replacement in Indianapolis, IN. We help you understand the benefits and risks associated with each procedure so you feel comfortable with your decision. 

How does dental implant treatment work? 

Dental implants are placed in your jawbone during a short, simple procedure. Once this is done, patients may need to wait for the implants to fuse properly with the jawbone. This process, known as osseointegration, takes several weeks or months to complete. 

Dr. Ball then attaches an artificial arch of teeth to the implant posts. We use the latest dental technology and premium materials for a realistic appearance and long-lasting results. You can eat, speak, and smile with confidence. 

Is the dental implant process painful? 

We prioritize patient comfort at Ball Dentistry. This is why Dr. Ball and our dental staff use local anesthesia and other techniques to minimize any pain. Sedation is also available if you feel especially anxious about the process. 

We understand that undergoing comprehensive restorative dentistry is a major decision. Our goal is to provide the comprehensive information and support needed so you can feel confident in your choice. 

What do implants look like? Are they natural? 

Dental implants are made to look and feel like your natural teeth. We use biocompatible implants and custom-crafted restorations to match your teeth in size, shape, and color. Patients who are unsure about results can ask to see before-and-after photos from previous procedures. Visit our Instagram page for further examples of our work. 

Ask about dental implants for missing teeth 

Full arch replacement in Indianapolis, IN can restore your confidence and improve the function of your bite. Contact Ball Dentistry to learn about dental implants today. Dr. Craig Ball looks forward to helping you achieve a beautiful yet functional smile through restorative dentistry.

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