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KYBELLLA® Can Help You Say Goodbye to Your Double Chin

By: Andrea Ball, D.M.D.


Diet and exercise alone aren't always enough to reduce the appearance of a double chin. Now, you can address this area without invasive liposuction surgery. KYBELLA injections at Ball Dentistry get rid of fat in the upper neck and chin to improve your facial contours.

Dr. Andrea Ball can explain how KYBELLA works during a consultation in Indianapolis, IN. Call now to book an appointment and see why so many people are choosing KYBELLA to boost their confidence — we can help you trade in submental fat for a more chiseled and defined look.

Why won't fat disappear with diet and exercise?

Stubborn fat pockets are not always the result of weight gain. Factors like age and genetics also contribute to excess fat that resembles a double chin. Unfortunately, this area is often resistant to traditional diet and exercise, meaning you typically won't see much of an improvement no matter how hard you work. Instead, KYBELLA uses a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid to break down fat cells so your body naturally flushes them away.

Why choose KYBELLA injections?

Experienced providers like Dr. Ball recommend KYBELLA when options like liposuction are deemed unnecessary or unsafe. Here's why KYBELLA may be the best choice for your needs in Indianapolis, IN:

  • Improved facial contours: KYBELLA reduces submental fat in addition to providing more definition in the neck and jawline.
  • Safe and minimally invasive: This FDA-approved treatment does not require any incisions or general anesthesia.
  • Long-lasting results: Unlike other procedures that require maintenance, KYBELLA destroys fat cells, so they won't return.
  • Minimal side effects: Mild redness and swelling are expected to subside on their own in a few days.

What should I expect during a KYBELLA appointment?

Dr. Ball begins each treatment by discussing your goals and assessing the area you'd like to treat. We then decide on an injection plan tailored to your needs. KYBELLA treatments are generally brief and require no downtime. Most people need 2 – 4 sessions, spaced at least one month apart, to achieve their desired look. The good news is that you should see improved definitions in the area within a short period.

Can KYBELLA be used in other areas?

KYBELLA is specifically designed to target submental fat and is not intended for use in other areas. This is why it's important to review your expectations with a qualified provider before beginning treatment. Rest assured that Dr. Ball will provide the information and guidance needed so you can make an informed decision about your care. View our Instagram page to get an idea of what you can expect from KYBELLA.

Do results from KYBELLA look natural?

Absolutely. KYBELLA injections remove fat in the upper neck and chin for a more toned look. Many of our patients are delighted with their results — you don't have to worry about looking "done" or overdone because your body slowly processes the excess fat over time. There's no need for drastic changes to the shape of your face, just subtle improvements that make you appear more refreshed.

Try submental fat removal with KYBELLA injections

A double chin is a common concern, but thanks to KYBELLA, you can reduce fat in the upper neck and chin without surgery. Contact Ball Dentistry to learn more about this revolutionary procedure or schedule a consultation in Indianapolis, IN. Dr. Andrea Ball knows how to administer KYBELLA to enhance your appearance and confidence.

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